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An Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance audit is a systematic, objective tool to assess regulatory compliance in the workplace. EHS compliance audits are performed to evaluate compliance with certain regulatory requirements, company standards & management systems and identify proactive approach to manage EHS responsibilities in a cost-effective manner before they cause any business or reputation loss to the company.

Main objective of EHS compliance audit is to identify environmental risk of water, soil and air from the ongoing or proposed activities, ensure health & safety of the employees, engaged in the facility with respect to national regulations, state regulations, IFC performance standards, CDC guidelines, Corporate guidelines, Industry best practices, etc.


Third party auditors make value addition by providing an independent view on EHS aspects to ensure regulations and procedures are being followed and the intent of management is met. Through proactively identifying issues and addressing them through corrective and preventive actions, companies improve EHS performance, prevent violations and fines and achieve organization’s commitment towards EHS. In addition to this, the lack of proper oversight can adversely impact not only local communities but also the health and well-being of employees.

We at INDUS provide extensive EHS management consulting and compliance services to a range of industries worldwide from corporate-level to facility-level. With our extensive auditing resources, skills, and experience, we will help you maintain and improve compliance management systems, so that your company can achieve economic, employee, and community success. During a compliance audit, INDUS reviews all relevant data, including applications, permits, plans, monitoring information, regulatory reports, process flow diagrams, and operational data. We typically visit the site to ensure that all emissions sources have been identified. Our next step is to perform a regulatory applicability analysis to identify all national, state, and local requirements. Based on this information, we determine unit-by-unit compliance and suggest corrective actions, classifying non-compliance findings based on severity and recommending best management practices. This allows our clients to make informed decisions on how to address compliance issues.  The result is a complete picture of all regulatory requirements, a plan to attain and maintain compliance.



The occurrence of any fire has the potential to cause severe damage to both life and property. The loss of lives and property is enormous, which is not affordable. The remedy lies in prevention measures. A Fire and life safety audit is a comprehensive & holistic approach to assessing the fire & life safety standards of an organization or an occupancy or premises. Fire & life safety of the premises is determined by number of factors such as the ability for a building to resist the effects of fire & to minimize the spread of fire & smoke, the provisions of means of escape in case of fire and the provision of means of access to enable firefighters to effect rescue and fight fire.

Also, Fire and Life Safety Audits are executed to detect, prevent and mitigate any condition that will lead to a fire at your premises due to the activities carried out there. Other objectives include, assessing organization’s fire safety management system & supportive arrangements based on the requirement of National or State regulations, local building By-laws, National Building Code (NBC) 2016 and Industry best practices. It helps to identify areas where improvement can be made, ensure the fire safety management system adheres to the prescribed legal requirements as well as safety policies & objectives set by the organization and develop an action plan.

INDUS provides sound & convincing recommendations to reduce the potential fire hazards based on the audit and offer a structured approach for continual improvement with regards to fire and life safety management.

EHS Legal Register Preparation/ Updation

Searching through Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) legislation and identifying what is relevant to your business or project can be a daunting and time-consuming task. An EHS Legal Register is a bespoke inventory of all the environmental, health, safety and social laws, regulations, notifications etc., that apply to an operation at the specific location where it is undertaken. INDUS works closely with clients, understand their operations or activities and based upon location of the organization along with the size and type of organization, prepare or update a bespoke legal register in which all applicable legislations are summarized to make it easy to identify and understand the key legal requirements for EHS issue. 


Our EHS team uses its specialist knowledge of EHS legislation to undertake an initial review with you to identify the legislation that applies to your business. We then provide an up-to-date legal register covering only the applicable legislation. It helps our clients to comply with national & local compliance obligations. Our legal register helps clients to achieve compliance improvements, cost saving, and risk controls. 
We provide clients with a bespoke legal register that summarizes legislation to make it easy to identify and understand the key legal requirements for the EHS issues that could affect your business. 

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