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Our Inspiration

Our inspiration, the Swastika, taken from an extremely popular design of the Indus valley civilization, symbolizes the order of the Universe, which is arranged into four sections by the central cross. The flexed arms determine the direction in which the universe turns (and denotes continuous movement and dynamism the human society is going through in the process of development). Its maze-like shape constantly reminds us of the fact that nature’s comprehension is beyond the realms of human logic. The right turning Swastika is a symbol of good luck, good augury, longevity, and hope that with timely care we would still be able to save this earth for future generations. We are inspired by the INDUS valley civilization, learning from their innovativeness, and connected to our roots... our country.


INDUS is a leading, fully service-oriented Environmental, Health, Safety, and Social (EHSS) consulting and auditing firm, focusing on Management of EHS and Social risks. We are serving over 550 US, European, and Japanese Corporations including 40% of Top 10, 23% of Top 100 and 16.4% of Top 500 from Global Fortune 500 (2019) companies.

INDUS is known for its innovative approaches in providing high quality Auditing and Consulting support to its clients. The main focus of INDUS has been to partner with its clients to help them manage EHSS risks and liabilities of their operations by providing practical, cost-effective and, most of the time, simple commonsensical solutions.

  • Customer Enthusiasm - Customer interests always comes first.

  • Trust in Relationships - To build and maintain a foundation to trust and respect in everything we do.

  • Integrity - Comply fully with the letter and spirit of the laws, regulations and ethical principles that govern us.

  • Responsibility to Society - Build and maintain effective relationships with communities and institutions we interact with.

  • Dedication to Excellence - Striving for excellence to provide unmatched services to our Clients.


We are committed to bring world class excellence in EHSS Advisory Services and are continuously working towards the development of leading edge Knowledge Sharing and Risk Management Products and Tools for the betterment of environment and benefit of the society at a larger scale.


Values, We, as "INDUSians" live by and are passionate about includes High Quality Work, Technical Excellence, Uncompromising Professionalism and Ethical Behaviour

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