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Envirotrends® – The regulatory news & documentation services – a unique Client Service Initiative by INDUS focusing on Developments in EHSS Legislations and Corporate trends in India.


India on its road of rapid development, has witnessed increased negligence by the industries towards the environment, in the past decade. There has been a parallel increase in the Environmental legislations and the liabilities thereof. Envirotrends® service, started in 2003, provides EHS managers and other professionals with a cost-effective tool for monitoring and tracking new and upcoming EHSS Legislations in India and its neighboring countries. It is perhaps identified as the only such service in Asia that provides real-time EHSS regulatory information to its clients. Envirotrends® is subscribed by more than 400 of the World’s Most Admired Companies including 40% of Top 10, 23% of Top 100 & 16.4% of Top 500 from Global Fortune 500 (2019). Some of our major clients are Abbott, Bayer, Caterpillar, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Ford Motor Company, GE, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, J&J, John Deere, Lupin, Nestle, Maruti Suzuki, PepsiCo India Holdings, P&G, Pfizer, Unilever, etc.


Under this service, INDUS provides the subscribers with the following products, essentially to provide them with reliable, well-analyzed information for monitoring and tracking, changes in EHS legislations and related developments thereby helping them manage their risks and liabilities in a proactive and an effective manner,


  1. An UpToDate Practitioner's Handbook on EHS and Social Regulations that would generally apply to any operating facility in India.

  2. Regular Envirotrends® Updates about new/upcoming legislations through e-mails, as and when published, at the national and international level. Realizing the importance of Regulations to be in resonance with the needs as well as priorities of the region, Envirotrends ® also provides State Specific Regulatory Updates covering all the States of the Country.

  3. INDUS Times - a weekly newsletter covering the latest news related to all aspects of Environment, Health, Safety & Social (EHSS) issues in India.

  4. Posters on all important days of National importance and EHSS consciousness, sent through e-mails on monthly basis.

  5. Envirotrends® Monthly Recap - providing a brief of all the major Regulatory Updates of the previous month and giving its sector specific division.

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